Saturday, January 09, 2016

Book Covers

During my my most recent trip to the fabric shop, I came across this great cork leather fabric/material. I bought a roll (roughly the size of a fat quarter) and following the pattern I bought with it, I made a book cover for a note book.
And because it was so damn simple to do, I made another book cover in leather (and a third one in black leather, but no picture as I've run out of note books to cover)
The cork material is made with natural cork which is bonded to a fabric backing and it's a pleasure a use and touch. So soft.
I also love the brilliant way for the closure of the book. Just stick a pen or pencil through the three loops and the book is held closed. And you never have to search for a writing utensil.

1 comment:

Stefanie Kolb said...

Die sehen echt cool aus :)
Wo hast das Material her? und würden es vielleicht auch als Sohle für Baby-Schühchen taugen?