Thursday, February 11, 2016

Braided Rug

Last year in February I made my first experiment with braiding fabric into cord and then sewing it up to make a rug. The result was okayish (the rug refused to lay flat), so I planed on a second attempt using not t-shirt yarn but cotton fabric (my thinking was that the reason the t-shirt rug didn't lay flat, was because the t-shirt yarn is a bit elastic, which may have contributed to the problem. It turns out that's only part of the problem. Even with non-elastic cotton, the tension you use for feeding the cord to the sewing machine is tricky to control)
So here's braided rug number 2.
It does lay perfectly flat, though some pulling and stretching has been required after washing it in the bathtub.
The final diameter is 70cm. If my math is correct, I've used circa 30m of braided cord.
I'm seriously in love with my new rug.
I put it in front of my bed, so when I get up in the morning my toessies don't land on the cold floor.

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