Sunday, February 28, 2016


I hereby declare this afghan as finished.
The pattern is called Greenways, and is from the book 'Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans'.
  I used stash yarn in DK weight (and a couple of times holding double fingering weight). The plan was to get rid of the DKs I've had, but I've still got a lot left (are they breeding somewhere? I don't know) I just decided that this is it, it's big enough. It's a good 160 by 140 cm.
 I quite enjoyed making this and I do love the end product. I still need to give it a bath, which will be a PITA, as a lot of the yarns I've used are handwash only, meaning I will need to do it in my bathtub.

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Jill said...

Beautiful work!