Friday, April 14, 2017

This, That, And A Little Bit Of This, Too

A couple of smallish things have been finished.
First of I needed a new container to hold my cloth pins, after the handle of the basket I used to keep them in broke. I looked around and couldn't find something that I really liked, so I made my own thing.
First I made a paper template and then fudged my way through to the basket/bag above. It's attached to the rail with velcro. It turned out a bit on the small side, but is functional nonetheless, so I call it a win.

Next up, more pot holders.

Both pairs went to friends of mine.
I'm a bit surprised I still have cotton left overs, though I did managed to reduce the really small scraps by quite a bit.

Finally, I new pair of socks. Also a scrappy project as I used two different skeins, which each on their own wouldn't have been enough for a full pair. Pattern is 'Blender' and I simple switched the yarn every row and let the stripes surprise me. Not identical, but close enough.

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Shauna said...

Looks like you got lots accomplished this week, I love the socks!!!!