Saturday, August 05, 2017

Hello Dolly

Say hello to my new roommate, Isolde.
Isolde's job is going to be to help my sew clothing that actually fits me. Not an easy job, I'm sure, but she seems to be fair game.
Another part of her job is going to be to model some of the stuff I'm knitting (or have been knitting), as in this case the cardigan which I actually already finished back in March. The pattern is called Rocio by joji Locatelli (though there are some hefty modifications). I knitting the cardigan using various lace yarns from my stash held two together. Somehow I have a lot of different blue yarn sitting around, most of it too little to become something useful, so I decided to throw everything together and do this.
I'm quite happy with the result, though it's much too hot to wear right now.

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