Sunday, June 24, 2018

Three T-Shirts

I'm currently sewing T-Shirt as if I didn't have any already. In the last week or so, I made three.
Number 1 is my true and trusted, home-made pattern I used on the flower shirt last time. Only change is that I made it with a V-neck this time around.
 Number 2 is a new pattern I've bought. It's called Laura and normally uses lace fabric for the arms (which was, I think, what initially attracted me to the pattern). To test the pattern and the fit, I used something jersey in blue (I know the picture looks more gray than blue, but the second pic shows the fabric color more true).
Overall I'm happy with the pattern and the fit. I would add a few cm in length the next time, but that's mostly because I like my shirts a little longer to begin with.
Finally, number 3, fresh of the neddles (so to speak). Back to the first pattern, but with an added pocket and cuffs made from quilting cotton. The color is more petrol than on the picture, though. Petrol is really a hard color to take pictures of.
I'm super happy with my new wardrobe, so far.

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