Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Happy Dance Not to Forget


Not Forgotten is done *bounce*

My version of the rainbow and I skipped the title, but else there are no changes. I even used the recommended fabric (which was really nice to stitch on)
Next thing is to get is framed and then find a nice place for it. At the moment I've got no clear idea where to put it.

Even though it's a long weekend and I should be working on my 'at home' project (aka King Tut) I've staying with the lighthouse. Just more in the mood for it, I guess.

Easter weekend (btw, happy easter to everybody) I'm enjoying the time off and use it to do a hundred little things around my place. Fun things like finishing my photo album from New Zealand (hey, it's been only two years I've been there) and less fun things like window cleaning.
Also, tomorrow (which is still a holiday here in Germany) the family is coming over for lunch. It was decided last year, as I finally have a large enough place I take over the cooking on easter (x-mas is at my sister's and then on my parent's place). It will be my parents and my middle sister and her kids and husband. I'm pulling all the stops and plan on a fancy dinner with a three course meal and a cool decorated table. I even bought a new table cloth with matching napkins. And I've made napkin rings :)

The pattern is from Knitty (where else) . I've used silver wire and some larger beads I've found in Dresden last week. The seed beads I've got in my stash.
I've made six of those little suckers (well, actually, seven, as the first one was a bust and I needed to re-think the pattern)
I think they are pretty cool :)


tkdchick said...

Congratulations on finishing Not Forgotten!

Those napkin rings are really cool!

stitcherw said...

Not forgotten turned out wonderful. Congratulations on a very cute finish.

Ruth said...

I love your Gone But Not Forgotten. You make me want to unearth my chart and get started. :)