Sunday, April 29, 2007


The place where I get most of my frames and the mats cut, had a nice sale a week ago and as I had a voucher as well, I went and had a custom frame made for the Northern Lights sampler which I finished back in January. It is a bit of an unusable size (though, after I got the frame home, I discovered that the frame for the Legends of the Dragons is almost the same size) and we debaded a while if I should have a mat or not, but in the end we decided not to have one. I brought the frame home on Friday and imidiately went on putting the whole thing together. The there was the part where I had to decide where to hang it. The space I first thought about didn't work, so now it found a home in the little corner next to the window where I have my stitching corner.

The picture is a bit on the smalish side, I know. With a double click, you shoudl get a bigger picture.

As I was actually at home last week (having a training in our home office) and not at a hotel somewhere, I've made quite a bit of progress on King Tut.

At the moment I'm working on the lady in the the right hand corner. All in all think it's about 35 ~ 40% done. At the moment I really enjoy stitching him - I love the colors and how the whole picture is done.
I've ordered the Kreinik that will replace the gold thread that was in the kit - have to see when it will arrive.

Next week the light house will get some attention again.

Here a little (very little actually - it's about one inch across) thing I've also made last week. I was doodling a bit in the training and then decided that I should try and convert it into a cross stitch pattern.

Ah, almost forgot, the LotR symphony was quite impressive, really. A large orchestra, three choirs (boys, women and men - around 40 people each) and the drawings of Alan Lee. I really liked it and it was a wonderful experience.
Only 'complain' I've had was the fact that because I know the soundtracks of the movies so well, I did spot a few (really only a few) not quite perfect notes in the brass section. And the men's choir fell a bit short on the choir used in the the films.
The boys soloists (they had two), on the other hand, were really good and the soprano soloist was very good - I liked her version of 'Into the West' better than the one from Annie Lennox.


claudia said...

Northern Lights framed looks great.
I love your little "doodle". It turned out really pretty.

stitcherw said...

Nice progres on King Tut, and Northern Lights looks wonderful all framed up. Glad the concert went well. It was such a wonderful movie that I would think trying to do the soundtrack as a concert would be quite challenging.