Sunday, January 07, 2007

Northern Lights Sampler

Yeah, finished my latest 'at home' project: Northern Lights Sampler by Jeannette Douglas

It really has been fun to stitch, interesting to try many different technics. I also remembered why I didn't like stitching with beads.

I did use the recommened fabric and color, but instead of a 28ct I used an 32ct (the shop I bought the fabric from didn't have enough of the 28ct, and as I don't come as often to the US as I like, I took what they had). For most of the pattern it didn't really matter, except maybe for the beads, which look a little crowded.
I've also got the embellishment package, which was plenty of most of the fibers, except the Wisper W88 white - I didn't have enough in the package to finish the last white dog. Luckily I've already got some of the Wisper for 'Not Forgotten', so it wasn't a real problems.

Now to find a good frame and a place to hang it up.

I'e also picked up a new 'at home' project: King Kutankhamen by Lanarte
I've bought the kit about a year ago for half price in London (else it would have been too expensive). For a change, I already know where I'm going to hang it once it's finished.
I've checked the theads and found that one color is missing (the card has a tear in the place it should have been). I've wrote to Lanarte - have to see what their reaction is.


stitcherw said...

Very pretty finish, the colors are great. King Kutankhamen sounds like it will be a really interesting project, is it as detailed as it sounds?

cathymk said...

Just gorgeous - I love the effect of the stitches that make up the aurora at the top. Look forward to seeing Tut come to life!

tkdchick said...

Congratulations! I stitched this for a shop model and I'd really like to do it again sometime soon for myself!

Michelle said...

Beautiful piece! Congrats on the finish.