Sunday, January 14, 2007

Holy blooming plant,Batman

I don't know if it's the mild weather, or something else, but I didn't even know that a schefflera could bloom. But mine is.
I've 'rescued' the plant from a broken off plant part from my office several years ago and it never did bloom before.

The blossoms are tiny, and as far as I can tell, don't smell of anything. But it's somehow cute. I wonder if I get seeds ... well maybe not.

Update on King Tut. Got quite a bit of him done.

Still a long way to go :)
He's a fairly easy stitch - no fractionals, no special stitches, no blends. I have to see how long it's going to take before I'm bored out of my mind. The pattern is 205 x 244 stitches (though not every single field is stitched, a good part is).
When I opened the kit (which I bought half price in London about a year ago) I've found that one thread color was missing. But a quick e-mail to Lanarte got me the DMC number and that's okay....

New Stargate Atlantis: The Ark
(only four episodes left in the season ... sniffle)
Good solid episode with a few nice interactions. I think it's kind of cute how by now they sort of expect that Rodnes is able to pull a technical miracle out of his hat every single time (though, this time he couldn't ... not his fault, really)
I also liked how they made the 'bad' guy's motiation understandable (at least the second guy's ... the first one, well, this is never a solution for me) - as Teyla said in the end, John would have done the same.

Nice Ronon / Sheppard moment, as there's a good chance they're about to die and Ronon says that he'd rather die fighting:
Sheppard: Look if this rock burns up in the atmoshpere I'll fight you to the death myself. Deal.
Ronon: Your on.


stitcherw said...

King Tut is looking good, there is enough there to give a feel what he'll look like and his size. Also, your plant does look cute with it's little blooms. It looks springy, which I really wish would be here sooner than it will. Unfortuately we still have a lot of winter left.

claudia said...

Your schefflera is thanking you for saving it! I remember having a spiderplant years ago that would give no shoots. I kept threatening to toss it out. Lo and behold on my birthday I went to water it and it had started a shoot. I figured that was the best birthday present a plant mom could ask for!