Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Dragon New Year

A happy new year to everybody.

Last days of the years I've snuck in a smallish Dragon Dream Pattern: Lost Dragon Sampler.

Cute and fun to do, too. My excuse is that I needed to find out how much of the specialty threads is needed, as I plan on kitting it up for a present for somebody I'm not going to name here (and for the records: less than a meter of each is plenty).
I've altered the 'it' in the lower text to 'him', switched two band colors (by accident, really, not that anybody would notice) and changed the color of the word 'Lost' to Distant Hills from Budding Leaves.

Also, for my travel project, I've started with 'Not Forgotton' also from Dragon Dreams.

My at home project (Northern Lights Sampler) is pretty far now, maybe five or six bands left to do. I'm sort of undecided if I start on a Teresa Wentzler next (either Castle Sampler or The Fortunate Traveler) or start on a large kit I've got in England last year.

I've discovered the series 'Heroes' and love it. I can't wait to see how it will go on.

No New Years resolutions, btw. Maybe loose some weight, but that's not something new, and considering the two parties I've been to the last three days, I had a pretty bad start at that anyway ...

I've finished posting my Thunderbird Story. Not many reviews *sigh* But it seems that it's not really a good season for reviews. I'm not the only one who noticed that there were little. Of course, that draws a little bit the fun out of writting. And it doesn't help that I looked at the stuff I've wrote for 'Where the Stars are Quite' (the next TB story I'm working on) and decided to trash the last two chapters.

Tomorrow it's back to work.


tkdchick said...

Great last HD! I love it!

stitcherw said...

The sampler is very cute, I really like the little guy at the bottom. Not forgotten will be lovely when done too. I have this one in my stash to stitch someday.