Sunday, January 21, 2007

King Tut II

Got quite a bit of progress on King Tut. It is an easy stitch (at least so far), but luckily not a boring one.

I've also got some progress on 'Not Forgotten' as well. The right dragon is almost done.
I'm thinking about changing the rainbow - the one in the pattern is a little bit too ... not circular. It's sort of filling out the edges, which from a design point of view, might be a good idea, but from a physicist's pov, I prefer a perfect circle. So I put the shapes of the poenix and the dragon (the only two who intersect with the rainbow) into PC Stitch and tried to plot a more circular rainbow

What do you think, should I go with this rainbow, or should I go for the original one?
Here's a link to the original one: Not Forgotten by Dragon Dreams
Not that much of a difference really ....

New Stargate Atlantis 'Sunday' - I liked it, except one bit, but that was to be expected *sigh*
Now Ii'm waiting for the fanfic to come pouring in.

Finally finished with 'Eragorn'. I thought it was sort of okayish, and I'm going to go on witht he series, but I will read something else in between. No idea what, though.


stitcherw said...

King Tut is looking good. As to the rainbow, I think they both would look fine. I'd go with which ever one you like best. You'll be looking at it a long time, so if the more circular shape looks better to you, go for it.

I read Eragorn and also the sequel Eldest. Eragorn was good, but I enjoyed the sequel more and am looking forward to the third one in the series. So, if you aren't going to read Eldest right away, have you decided which book you are going to start?

claudia said...

I really like the colors in King Tut. I agree with you on the rainbow, I like yours better.