Sunday, October 07, 2007

... and the bee(s)

Well, finally I broke down and got myself a Nintendo Wii. And when you get a Wii, you also can create a Mii (to represent you in games and such). Given my current obsession with Transformers (and one Transformer in particular) I give you my Mii 'Bee' *grin*

Bee's already gone playing Tennis, Baseball, Bowling and Boxing (yepp, got the sports bundle) and he's doing good (my right arm on the other hand, is not used to all that swinging around and I got some muscle soreness in the upper arm and the shoulder)

I also managed to finish Michael Powell's Mini Village IV last week.

(obviously not ironed so far ...)
As always, the backstitch really does it.

For now I haven't decided on a new stitching project. Instead I'm going to concentrate on finishing some of the stuff I've started a long time ago, but never got around to finish. At the moment, the table cloth that I started back in July (here) and also Henry (as mentioned last week)

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