Sunday, October 28, 2007

"R" is for ...


Like our 25th year class reunion (Realschulabschlu├č - it's a secondary school system in Germany. At the end of it you leave school after 10 years and normally start with an apprenticeship)

We had a good turnout I think: 24 out of 34. Our beloved old class teacher also showed up. I was happy to hear that he's still doing well and still working at the same school we went to.

Riddle me this:

What pattern am I work on here?

This is worked in DMC 310 on a 40ct linen (which I bought two weeks ago in Michelstadt)
Pretty hard to see what it's going to be *grin*

Really can't think on how to start this with 'R'

A happy dance:

'Alphabet in Samt und Seide' (alphabet in velvet and silk ... which is bit of a misnomer as there's no velvet, but I guess 'alphabet in cotten and silk' wouldn't have such a nice ring) ;)
It's from Sticken & Staunen done in petit point. Of course, they also have the other letters in the alphabet

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