Sunday, October 21, 2007

"P" is for ...

... Power Plant:

The local power plant (Staudinger) had a open door day today, so I went in the hope to get some photo op. Wasn't that great really, the weather didn't help (it was nice and sunny - though cold - yesterday, but today it just was cold and wet), but I really like that one bit where the fire department showed why you shouldn't throw empty spay cans into the fire.

The can(s) were in that cage in the middle and when they got too hot, they really exploded. Cooooool

... Pattern:

I started with one of the pattern / kits I've bought last weekend at the fair in Michelstadt.

It's using waterlilie silk for the smaller letters and some sort of cotten thread (Dänisches Baumwollgarn) for the large letter. It's stitch in petit point which works surprisingly well (I have only one previous experince with PP and I didn't like it back then). BTW, the fabric is white and the colors are far more intense (and the letter 'P' is in a dark blue)


It's more than two months until x-mas, but I've already started making x-mas cards. Again a pattern / kit I've got last weekend also using waterlilie silk. It's a quick stitch (it has to be, else I couldn't handle making about a dozen for my mom as well), but I can't show it here - hey, it's a long time until x-mas, so be patient.

... Perfect:
Stargate Atlantis has started again and the last episode (Doppelgänger) was just perfect. So I decided to go back to my Atlantis quote of the week thing. Don't worry, it will always be at the end of my post, so if you see the quote, you know you don't have to go through it in case there might be something else.

Sheppard: Looks like one of those toys you play with when you're a kid.
McKay: Commodore 64?
Ronon: Triple barrel shotgun?
Sheppard: A kaleidoscope

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