Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cardigan the First

This week I knitted

I got the back finished as well as the left side of the front. It's a lot of fun and it's moving along nicely.
Well, it was moving along nicely, until I discovered a serious mistake in the pattern. Okay, maybe not so much a mistake, but the fact that knitted as instructed, the neck will look very different from the neck line of the cardi in the pictures. So I ripped up half of the front, and started again on the neck shape, only to discover halfway through that the little mistake I made and thought I could ignore was staring my in the face like crazy and that I couldn't live with it. Rib, rib once again.

Well, now I'm happy with that bit and already moved on to the next.

I also went back to my beloved yarn store and bought two more skeins of the wool. I think there's another screw up in the pattern - I did the math and found that I would need ten skeins, but to be on the save side I decided to take twelve (I can always bring them back, right?), but after using a little over four skeins for the back and almost exactly two for one half of the front, I'm pretty sure I'll need at least one additional skein, if not two (two for the right front, two for each arm, plus some for the collar)

I got only very little stitching done, so I didn't take a picture.

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