Sunday, March 02, 2008

Socks, socks, socks

I do have socks ...

... plenty of socks.
And even though I've took a picture of only one sock per pair, I asure you, there's a second sock to every one here shown. And those are only the socks I've kept. There are still a few more out there that ended up on the feet of other people.
This leads to the question, why knit more socks?
My answer (at least for the moment) is: I don't!
I've decided I leave the land of the sock knitters and wander over to the land of cloth knitting. Now, I'm not exactly size S (or even M, not in a long shot), so I've shyed away from the knitting of pullovers and cardigans for quite a while. A long time ago, I did knit pullovers, and some of them I loved dearly (some of them ... well, probably better not to think of those). If I remember correctly, the last pullover I've knitted was when I was in college, and I only remember something went very wrong and when I picked it up from the clothline after washing it for the first time, there were big holes all over it - moths, birds, I have no clue. Since then, I stuck mostly to socks. They also tend to get holes eventually (as I just saw in my favorite pair), but at least that's because of the wear and tear I put them through.
Well, nothing like a new start.

(I did mention I'm not a size 10, right?)
The pattern is, once again, from knitty. It is a somewhat modified version of Boogie from the spring 2004 issue. I changed the neck shape a little, making it wider. The wool is from a sale a few years back in my favorite yarn store. I originally bought is for a cardigan, but then realized that it would never be enough. For an experiment I'm not too displeased on how it turned out.

Having taken the step to this new country, I knew I couldn't just stop there. So my next project is a cardigan. And again, it's a knitty pattern: Oblique. Found some nice wool/angora/mohair mix pretty close to the one from the pattern. I've just started today after the swatch showed I'm not too far off with my gauge. I have to see how it developes ...

One last pic for today. King Tut in his frame up on the wall:

I'm still pondering if I should get the queen from the same series, so Tut is not so lonely ...

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stitcherw said...

Cute socks, and the vest turned out great. It looks like it would help keep you quite warm, and look wonderful over a turtleneck. King Tut looks fantastic all framed up. He and the other would make an awesome pair.