Sunday, November 02, 2008

Loads of sock yarn

One of our discounters here in Germany had a special offer on sock yarn the other week. I ended up with four packs (200gr yarn each) which would be 8 pairs of socks. Luckily, a friend was willing to liberate me of half of that yarn, so the pressure is a bit off (that is ignoring the ... ehr, ... not exactly small amount of sock yarn I've still got in my stash)

The first pair is this here:

Just a very plain, standard sock pattern (what we would call stinos - sticknormale Socken) The yarn did all the work and I seriously like them.

The next pair is already on the needle

A very bright yarn knitted in the pattern 'Crusoe'

Main project, though, is Greenjeans (which I should rename 'Grayjeans')

I washed the swatch from last week and, indeed, it did relaxed a bit and grew by about 5%.
So I did a recalculation of everything, scratched my head a lot, and decided to go on as I started. Just before the cable section started I slipped (as recommended in the pattern) all live stitches on some waste yarn and tried is on.
It's an almost perfect fit with very little ease - so, accepting that it will grow a bit, I guess I'm all set.

I had to go back to me yarn store, though, as I sort of forgot that when I switch yarns (as I did with this project) I might need to recheck the amount of balls I need. The first yarn had 120m / 50g and I bought 10 balls. Why I thought that buying the same number of balls of a yarn that has 80m / 50g is a bit beyond me. I've now have 16 balls, though I calculated that 13 should be enough. Right now I'm at the seventh.

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