Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Socks Formerly Known As Crusoe

The socks that started out their live as Crusoe (because they were stranded (knitting ...) - you get it?) ended up as the miss-matched bright colored pair.

Same pattern, same yarn. Same ball for a good bit, too.
But totally different effect. I love the one on the right more than then one on the left.
But I'm not going to rip them (or one of them) up!

It is actually a quite pretty sock.

Next pair is on the needles and there can't really be another name for them than the 'Very Green Socks'

... because, that's what they are.
The pattern is from the favorite socks book, and actually the third pattern I did from this book. Or, rather, the fourth, as I started those with another pattern, which I then didn't like so much for this wool.
The yarn is actually the left over yarn from the pullover I made for my nephew. Remember, I need the some green yarn to stitch the letters and this sock yarn was the only color that came close to the color I wanted. It is a lovey sock yarn though, very nice and soft (Lana Grossa Meilenweit Merino). I would totally buy more of this yarn if I ever should come into the situation that I needed more sock yarn.
Which I won't.
You should see my stash.

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