Sunday, March 15, 2009

28 of 64

Last week a fanfic bunny attacked me viciously. I have those attacks once in awhile and usually I can resist. I know I'm a decent, but not a brilliant fanfiction writer (especially, because I write in English, which is, after all, not the language I've grew up with). Usually find the effort to hammer out a story, especially if it's a long one, too tedious to bother, and I'm not exactly a fast writer. I have a couple of rules when I write fiction and one is that I won't start posting a story, unless I've finished it and somebody has betaed it. I do love reviews - who doesn't - but I will not go and hold my readers hostage, by telling them I will only continue writing if I get at least x amount of reviews.

Well, I'm not going to break my rule this time, but that means I'll be spending a lot of my time the next few weeks behind the keyboard, writing. So not much knitting, not much stitching.
I've already written over 18.000 words and I think there will be about the same amount again before I'm done, which means this will be the longest story I've ever tackled. The fandom is Twilight, which is also not the fandom that I thought would get me back to the keyboard. But it happened, and I'm helpless, so I write on.

How does that quote go? "A true writer is somebody who write because he has to, not because he wants to."

At least I've now got 28 of the 64 squares of the Sampler Game Board finished. That's almost half.

And I also finished another pair of socks. The pattern is the 'Undulating Rib Sock' pattern from the Favorite Socks book, but I inversed it, as I like the inside better than the outside. As the shaft and the foot are knitted inversed from each other (that is, I knitted the shaft following the pattern, then turned it inside out, and then knitted the foot bit with all the purls as knits and all the knits as purls) the foot stitches look a little bit different then the rest. Not too noticeable I hope.

Jutta, if you like then, give me a shout and I put them aside for you. I think they meet your request that they have to match jeans. They're a bit scratchy though.

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