Sunday, March 22, 2009

All Socked Out

I bought this (Noro Silk Garden, colors 201 and 236):
And want to make this:

And the start to it is this:

I think I'm all socked out, so I decided to do something else for a change. I've had my eyes on that vest for a while and finally decided it's time to give it a shot. My gauge was off though (19 stitches to the 10cm instead of the 22 stitches in the pattern) but I didn't want to change the needle size to something smaller, as I really did like the tension as it is - anything tighter and it would have been too stiff. I did some math and hope it'll work out.

While I was waiting for my chance to get the yarn, I fell back to the Aran Afghan I started ... ehr, a while ago. The first square I tried I didn't like so I ripped it up and did this one instead.

It's the one by Ann McCauley and there are a few tiny mistakes in it, but I decided I don't care and won't rip it up (again!!!).

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Petra said...

Those are beautiful colors you chose for the vest and it looks really good. Nice project!