Sunday, September 12, 2010

Code Purple

My lovely new computer died on me yesterday. It started out small, with it wanting to dial up the internet and I'm telling him that with the new router it didn't need to do that. I've got the new router for two weeks now and even though the computer insisted once or twice that it wanted to dial up, I usually just cancelled and the computer accepted that. No problems with getting into the internet either.
Now, yesterday it didn't accept it, so I do my usual thing, which is to power the computer down. It will be fine once it's back up, right.
As I boot up again, it suddely insists to do a recovery and format the hard disk.
Still, no panic yet. I have a back up, so once windows is installed again, I'm fine.
Wrong again!
The coumputer does the install, everything seems to be fine but when it reboots again, eventually I get a 'configuration error'.
Just that, a 'configuration error'. And, at the end of the text, which instructs me to call service (which, as it's Saturday is no answering the phone ...) the message 'code purple'
What the f*** is a 'code purple'?

Long story short, my new computer is dead, Jim, and I'm back to my old one, which I luckily have kept around.
This one, surprisingly, doesn't have any problems with the internet. At least I've got that.

Good thing I don't have any pictures anyway. I'm focusing on a big, secret project right now, which, because it's secret, I can't show right now..

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