Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not Knitting Fast Enough

I'm currently knitting a small shawl (Coquille Shawl). The pattern says I would need about 370 meters. I've got 420 meters (one ball of Crazy Zauberball in blue/green/gray), so I'm okay.
Of course, I wouldn't write about if this would have been no problem.

I noticed fairly early on that it might be a bit tight, that there's wouldn't be much yarn left over once I'm done, but I've plowed on. I just followed the old maxim that if you think you might not have enough yarn, you just knit faster. So you'd be able to finish before the yarn runs out.

Of course, this doesn't really work, and I got the point where I've got about one repeat of the pattern to do and still 30 stitches on the needle when the yarn ran out.


So, the only thing I could do really, was to rip the shawl back up until about half way point, take out one repeat there and start again working my way back to the end.

Luckily it's a rather fun pattern and the changes in the yarn also keep it entertaining.

Hey, the way I see it, I'll get about 50% more knitting enjoyment out of it than if I'd finished it already.


At least that's what I've been telling myself....
Ah, almost forgot, I've got my computer back. They just reinstalled win7 and sent it back. Naturally, now I wonder if the next time I need to do a recovery I'll end up with exactly the same problem.
I've got a lot of data in the backup, but I still suffered a few losses. All the pictures I've took between May and September are gone as I stored them on a different partition of the hard disk which, as it seems, had not been backuped. Luckily nothing really important, but still it sucks.

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