Sunday, October 03, 2010

Happy Birthday, Big Sister

Last week was my big sister's *mumblemumble* birthday (it was one of those round ones everybody is scared of, so I will not name the number)
So, a happy birthday to you!!!
As my sister is living in Sweden and I'm not, it will be a while until she gets her birthday present, but at least I can show it to her now.

It a log cabin afghan with noro and lopi yarn (so it's sort of a Japanese / Icelandic joint project). Size is 180 x 180cm, plenty big enough to keep you warm in the cold Swedish winters. It already kept me warm while I was sewing everything together.

I would have finished it exactly on your birthday if not for an error I discovered after I started putting everything together. I fixed it now, so no worries.

The colors are to die for:

I hope you like it.

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