Sunday, October 24, 2010


I've started this blog in July 2006. I wanted to have a forum to showcase my stitching and grafting and photography and to give my family and friends an opertunity to see and hear what I'm up to. I also wanted something for me to keep track of what I've made and I've used this blog more than once to go back a few years and look what I've done back then.

My aim is to make one post every week, updating on Sunday evening if I have the chance, and so far, I'm doing not too badly. This is post 250.

Over the years I've collected 10 followers, which I think is pretty cool.

My mom always complains that I write my blog in English, and I've been think about doing it bilingual, but eventually decided against it. Sorry, mom.
To make you feel a little bit better (I hope) here's a peace offering:

My mom asked me for mittens, so I've made her some.
They're made following a free pattern from DROPS design (sort of - originally the pattern was for gloves, so I improvised) and I used some leftover yarn I've had in my stash. I did run out of the white yarn (Rowan Cotton Wool) for the thumb of the second mitten, so I ribbed out some of the cuff of the first mitten and got just enough to finish the pair.

While working on those, I've also started a pair of gloves for myself. I pulled out one of the skeins I've bought in Backnang and some beads and started 'Galaxy'
They're pretty cool! They're also a complete set, but it's more difficult than one would think to make a picture of your own hands while holding the camera that is used to make the pictures. So, for now, only one hand photographed.

Ah, I almost forgot. My Ringwood gloves have been featured on the Knitty blog, where they show the first couple of finished projects from the latest edition of Knitty.
I'm getting famous!

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