Monday, July 04, 2011

Canada Vacation - Post 01 - Nova Scotia

Some may have wondered why I haven't posted anything for the last three weeks (some may not have wondered, because they knew). I've been away on vacation to Canada. A friend and I rented a motorhome and went from Halifax to Newfoundland and back.

When we arrived in Halifax, the weather was great, nice and warm.

The Clocktower in Halifax:

We went down to the harbourfront and took a tour on the Harbour Hopper, going through downtown Halifax and then into the harbour itself.

Of course we also saw tugboat Theodore Too (isn't he just too cute - he got his own tv-show)

The next day we picked up our camper. It also had started to rain, which was pretty much the mode for the next 2 1/2 weeks. If it wasn't raining is was foggy or windy.

Compared to some others we saw on the road he was downright smallish, but for us he was just the right size. When we returned him, we had driven more than 5000 km.

Before heading to the ferry and up to Newfoundland, we drove along the Cabot Trail, a very beautiful strech of road on Cape Brenton Island.

From the trail we saw quite a few times fishermen pulling up lobster baskets full of yummy North Atlantic lobsters.

Of course, it didn't us long before the first lobster landed in our cooking pot (though, we didn't go for life lobster. I don't think either of us could have manage the kill the poor thing by drowning it in boiling water - we left that dirty job to others)

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