Sunday, July 24, 2011


Update on the scrap sockyarn blanket project.

Last Friday, I put all the patches I've made so far in one big pile and looked at it.

Looks like plenty, I thought.
Then I spread them out on the floor, in mostly random order, into a 15 x 16 patches retangular (plus 4 patches) and looked at it again.

First thought: Pretty!
Second thought: This is not enough, damn.
Measuring I get about 132 cm across the 15 patches, which is not quite the 180 x 220cm I'm aiming for.
Back to the crocheting.

One question remains, though. My original plan was to crochet all those patches together using black sockyarn, but looking on the patches lying on the ground like this, I wonder if I should use something lighter in color. I'm thinking of an off-white or cream.
And suggestions?

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Felina Baltazar said...

Hi, I think an off white cream would be pretty and really make your squares pop. Great job. It's really pretty. I found you blog hopping and now I'm your newest follower.