Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Canada Vacation - Post 03 - Landscapes

Sometimes bad weather (as in wind and fog) has an advantage. Take a rocky coastline, add some atmospheric mist in the air. Some wind for the waves, and one has a fantastic picture.

Well, one of the reasons we went to Newfoundland was because the Northcoast is also known as 'Iceberg Alley' as during spring and early summer the icebergs that have broken off months ago from the glaciers in Greenland travel along the coast and can be seen from land. At least in theory. During the time we've been on the island, however, icebergs had been rather scarce. We only got about three and for two of thoe we had to take a boat tour.

The advantage of taking a boat tour is that you can get really close to the bergs and see details you just can't get from land.

One of the icebergs even had a guest.
One more typical picture.

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