Sunday, May 18, 2014

Knight and Socks

Today's offering are two smallish projects I've finished this week.
First is a needlepoint Knight which I turned (oh the shame) into a coaster.
This was a kit from Millennia Designs, which I bought at Liberty in London. It stitched up very quickly and was a nice little, in-between stitch. In the end I almost ran out of the darker blue used for the background and had to do some fudging in the stitching to make it work. One extra strand would have helped a lot here.

Socks - Earlybird, another Knitty pattern (which means it's free)
 The pattern works well with the yarn (Zitron Trekking Hand Art in the color 'Sumatra'). I really liked how the tow up construction came out. Somthing I have to remember for the next time I do a toe-up.
Though I like how the pattern looks, I didn't exactly enjoy knitting it, as I was rather fiddly to do.

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