Sunday, May 04, 2014

Running With Rotary Cutters

When I re-arranged my living room I pulled out a folding table I normally use when I have guests and placed it behind the sofa so I can place stuff on it (normally it holds my fruit bowl, a little flower pot and a glass of water and juice)
The patterns is improvised (I should have used a bit more contrast, I'm thinking now). The quilting I did using my walking foot, which worked surprisingly well. 

I also started another large scale quilt, using up some of those 5 x 5 inch large charm pack left overs and scraps I've got lying around, plus some of 2 x 2 inch bits I have collected the last two years or so.
The current aim is to make the quilt center 6 x 7 diamonds, plus a white frame, plus a colorful border. Of the 42 patches I need I have made 28 already. Some wild combinations, but so far I like it. 

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