Sunday, June 29, 2014

Works in Progress

Sorry, nothing finished to show. I'm knitting something (of course), but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it, or if I even will finish it.
There was a sock I was knitting up to yesterday, but then I did rip up as it wouldn't fit over my heel when I tried it on. So another pattern needs to be found.
Patchwork wise I'm not working on any big project, just some playing around with scraps (I still have plenty left)
This here is pre-work for a bag I'm making.
I'm using a product called Quilter's Grid. Basically it's a fusible interface where some clever bloke has printed an inch wide grid. I'm using 2 inch squares and laid out a pattern 11 x 10 squares. Next step is to iron the squares to the interface. As the fabric pieces are attached to the interface, they don't move anymore and that makes sewing super easy. With a few quick seams you end up with every square perfectly aligned.
Easy peasy.
The picture above also shows how much you loose in size. For each 2 inch square I'm loosing 0.5 inch for the seams. So out of originally 22 x 20 inch (55cm x 50cm) I'm ending with only 16.5 x 15 inches (41.2cm x 37.5cm)

I'm also playing around with something called ticker tape quilting. Basically, you grap a little scrap and sew it on top of some other piece of fabric. They you grap another scrap, place it next the the first one and sew it on. And so on. This is a great technique for quilting on the go.
What I've done so far, however, is not to do any sewing yet. I just did some layout and attached all the little piece using pins.
That's what I've come up with:
I do like it a lot, except for the sun, which should be a moon, so I'll need to do some redesigning.
Funny thing is that I acually started out with the sun and it developed from there.

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