Sunday, July 20, 2014

725 Years Lämmerspiel

The town I grew up in celebrated its 725th anniversity this weekend. It is known the area around Lämmerspiel (as the town is called ... and it has nothing to do with lambs - 'Lämmer' - or playing - 'Spiel') has  already been settled in the late stone age, but it was first mentioned by name only in a document in the year 1289.
 To honor the occation, we had a parade.
Starting with romans and celts (both are confirmed to have been in the area)
 Somewhat newer history refered to the burning of our old church when it had been hit by a bomb during WWII
 Interesting what what kind of draft animals were used in the parade. Ox, horses - of course - small and really large. One carriage was even pulled by goats.
 Up to 1900 there has been some gallows between Lämmerspiel and Steinheim, the next town over. Today only the bases of the pillars have survived.
 No idea what those alpacas have to do with my home town, but damn, those were cute (wonder what happened to the wool ....)
Once again we lucked out  - even though thunderstorms have been annouced for the afternoon, it didn't rain. Though, it's been rather hot and humind.

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