Monday, August 18, 2014

Stadtfest in Dresden

Once a year Dresden is pulling out all the stops (well, technically they also go pretty far in December for the Christmas markets, but let's not go there) and throws a PARTY.
There is food, there is drink, there are people on stages, there are people everywhere. There's a medieval camp, there is stuff to buy, there is more food. There are people being shot in the air sitting in a round cage affixed to bungee cords. There are people just attached to bungee cords having fun.
 There is music all over the place. There are strange musical instruments (this is called a Martin's trumpet - Martinstrompete - a relative to the signal horns which are used to be used on fire engines and police cars for many, many years around here, and which is incidentally is called a 'Martinshorn')
 There was a beach volley ball tournament and an area to built sand castles.
And at the end, at Sunday night, there were fireworks!!!

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