Sunday, August 24, 2014


It's been a while I showed here anything I've made in terms of knitting or sewing.
I finished two pairs of socks, though one of them was snatched up by my mom before I could make a photo of the finished socks.
This pair is staying with me, so I had some time to take a pic.
The pattern is called Broken Seed Socks and the yarn I used is Wollmeise in 'Fritzi Frizzante' and 'Sultan'
Currently I'm knitting on the Leftie shawl, again in Wollmeise (though 100% wool, instead of the sock yarn version, which contains some Nylon).
Main color is 'Chim Chim Chimney' and the contrasting colors are 'Schwefel', 'Zarte Knospe', 'Grashüpfer' und 'Olio Vergine'. I have progressed a little bit further than this by now, maybe 30% done.

My new machine is getting quite a workout. I already finished a baby blanket with it. As the baby in question is not here yet, I can't show you the whole thing, only a glimps on the quilting I did. 
Hands! Lot and lots of little hands. All done in free motion using stencils I've made with freezer paper. Took me a while to get into the flow of it, but in the end It went pretty well.

For another quilt I'm working on, I've made this pixel heart for the back side (it's a free pattern and can be found here).
I'm a bit stuck currently how to proceed with the front of this quilt. The center bit is done (just mono chrome triangles), and I had an idea what to do with the border, but the more I think about it, the less I like it, so I'm back to the planning stage there.
If nothing else materializes in my brain within the next couple of days, I might go back to the (very first and) original plan and make another baby blanket with it, leaving the border off.

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