Sunday, August 10, 2014


Both my parents are currently in rehab in Bad Orb, a spa town about 50km East to where I live- my dad for his replacement hip, my mom for the arm she broke three weeks ago.
We (that is my sister, who's visiting from Sweden, my nephew, and I) came to visit yesterday, and, as my sister had heard there's a barefoot path, we tooks off our shoes and started to walk.
I've been to a barefoot path in Bad Sobernheim a couple of month ago, so I kinda knew what to expect.
At first my nephew didn't want his pictures taken (he's 13 - no surprise there), but later he got into the mood and started to 'frolic' through the meddows (his words ...)
 As with Bad Sobernheim, there were stretches in the path where you could get your feet muddy (and plenty of place where you could clean them again, if you didn't mind the cold water)
 In the end we all had our fun and my nephew even consented to pose for a picture - and I mean pose!!!

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