Sunday, February 15, 2015

Baskets and Weaving

The fabric cord I made two weeks ago, now has turned into a smallish basket. My first attempt on the sewing machine ended into a rather crooked and strangely shaped object, so I took most of it apart again and sewed up the side walls by hand. 
 The whole thing is still not perfectly straight, but much better than before. After I took the picture, I also added a blue lining to the inside.
I still have quite a bit of cord left over and I'm thinking about braiding more and give the bathroom rug a second chance.
Some day, when I should find time.
Other than knitting socks once again (which I hope to show next time), I also pulled out my loom once again. I have decided I need a long table runner for my dining room table.
 The weaving part is acutally done now, and I'm working on making nice tassles.

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