Sunday, February 01, 2015


Last time I cleaned out my wardrobe, I put several t-shirts aside I didn't like to wear anymore, but thought I could use for other things.
The other things, as it turned out, was a braided rug for my bathroom.
The project started out with six t-shirts, which I cut into stripes. It took my up to t-shirt 3 to work out the best way to cut in order to get a long, continues stripe, but once I got it, it's really fast and easy.
Next I braided three t-shirts at a time into a long, long cord (my guestimation is 60m all in all). This is nicely done in front of the tv or while listening to an audiobook.
 On the sewing machine I sewed the cord together using a wide zigzag stitch.
And *tata* a rug for the bathroom:
 (it doesn't lay perfectly flat, but it works, so who cares really)
This one finshed, I started with the next project, this time using some not so much loved cotton fabric I haven't thrown out yet.
 Doesn't that look like it could have a lovely little basket in it's future?

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