Saturday, February 07, 2015

Kunterbunt Quilt

This quilt was a bit long in the making. Started last May it sat there waiting to be quilted for a good six month. Part of it was that I was busy with other things, another part was that the actual quilting part is not my favorite part of the whole process.
But finally here it is: Kunterbunt Quilt
I have used mostly scraps for this quilt (and a few meters of white fabric). In the center bit I started with 5'' and 2'' squares, which I first sewed to half square triangles and then added another triangle into one corner. I then made light diamands (with the colors at the edges and the center) and dark diamonds. There are 6 x 7 blocks, framed by a narrow white border and then a colored border using more scraps.
Final size is 170 x 150.
 For the backside I used some more scraps, which I stacked to a long stripe, which went between the main fabric. I never seem to be able to join the back and the front perfectly straight, but well, nobody is perfect.
For the quilting I stipled all over the center and the outer edge, and some wavy lines for the white border.
Finally, the binding is black (as the most neutral color I could think of) with white fake piping. The instructions said to sew the front on using the sewing machine, but that turned out very untidy, so I did unpick and re-sewed by hand. 
I'm super happy with the finished quilt, and not only because this frees me now to start something new.

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