Sunday, May 31, 2015

And It's Done

I think that has been the fastest from start to finish for me. I started less than three weeks ago with this quilt, without having a clear idea where I was going, and yesterday it was done. Okay, it's a rather small quilt (only about 110 x 135 cm), but, hey, it's still a quilt!
(Thank you to M for modeling it)
As you can maybe see from the picture, the white portion of the quilt is quilted in straight zigzag lines. For this, a walking foot is worth it's weight in gold, as I had next to no puckering and practically no issues with directional quilting (you know, when the fabric is distorted in one direction or the other, depending in which direction you're sewing)

For the color section I free motion quilted a different pattern for each color (some are better to see in the pictures bellow, some no to good).
- yellow: loop de loop and flowers
- blue: loop de loop and stars
- red: spirals
- black/white: pepples
- green: shells
 I have reused and repurposed maybe 80% of the materials for this quilt (even the batting is put together from bits I had left from other projects). I did buy the white fabric and for the back I used one side of a duvet cover (there was a sale at the Swedish furniture store - one duvet cover is certainly enough for two smallish quilts without any piecing and certainly enough for a full quilt if you don't mind a single seam). So in terms of materials it's probably one of the cheapest I've ever made.
I even remembered to add a label.

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