Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shades of Gray

Last week I showed some scrap patches I've made. There are now quite a few more of those patches (48 to be precise).
I have eight each of five different base colors plus some extras, which won't end up in the little quilt I've decided to make. Aren't they pretty (those are obviously only the black/white and the yellows)?
After some deliberation, sketching and throwing out of other ideas, I've decided on this layout below. I've been wanting to do a quilt like this for some time, and as I was looking for ideas I've thought this would work well with the scrap patches.
 This meant I had to do a few more patches in certain colors, and also that I had to cast out a couple patches which were not fitting in with the rest. This also meant I had to do a quick trip to the fabric store for enough white fabric to make 40 6.5inch squares (the white I had here was juuuuuuust not enough - quick note to myself: buy more white!).
 So far I have made HSTs for the black and white stripe and put it together.
Looks like it might be working.
This won't be a large quilt. Just 44" by 55". Depending on were I'm looking this should work out as a lap quilt. All my quilts (except the babies) have been larger than this.
I'll see.

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