Friday, May 27, 2016

More Coasters

I did another set of coasters. I used felt, a heart-shaped cookie cutter (you want a simple shape for this...), a scalpel, and, finally, a sewing machine.
 Cutting out the hearts is what takes the longest and is the most tricky, but the outcome is nice. The coasters were well received by the new owners.
 On another note, I basted the Trellis quilt today (or, as I start to call it, the MONSTER). This thing is big. In the end it will be 215 x 180 cm.
I didn't exactly fancy a crawl on the floor, so I used a method I saw in a youtube video by 'Man Sewing' (link is here)
 I bought those clamps to hold the whole sandwich to the table and it worked like a charm.
There seem to be now obvious wrinkles, though in the end it comes down how it will behave once it's in the machine. 
This will be "fun". It doesn't help that I used a fairy substatial and fluffy cotton batting, which adds a lot of volumn and also weight.


Heide said...

Your little heart coasters are adorable.

Caniseetoo said...

The coasters are awesome.
What are you gong to do with a quilt that big?