Sunday, September 04, 2016

Money Purse

I've made myself a purse.
The pattern is 'Grete' by machwerk. Great pattern with tons of pictures, so all mistakes are clearly my fault.
For the outside I've chosen a cork fabric, which I used once before for a notebook cover. It has a great haptic and I thought it would work good for a purse.
For the inside I picked a couple of different fabrics. Though I'm in princible happy with my choices, I think I should have chosen something else for the side panels. I used some old fabric I had around (you know, all in the spirit of upcycling) but it turned out to be not stiff enough.
Somehow I managed to sew in my inner zipper upside down and I had to rip it out, turn it around and sew in again by hand (*yuck*). Also my choice for the outer zipper was too big for the teeth, which made it un-wielding, and looks un-professional.
Finally mistake I did was to sew the card pockets too small (I managed to miss-read a 6cm width for a 5 cm width (*doh!*)
I totally plan on making a second one and labels this one as a learning experience.

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