Sunday, September 11, 2016

Purse, The Second

After the first try wasn't quite what I had hoped for, I went straight for a second 'Gerda' money purse.
 This time the outside is made with fake leather with an appliqued star made from the cork fabric.
 For the inside I chose light gray, black and a dash of gold. I went also for the option with eight card pockets.
This one came out much better than the first one, and got immediatly pressed into service. If I should make a third one (and this is a big 'if'), I'd modify the pattern to add one extra pocket for my id card. And I would try to figure out what I'm making wrong with the inner pocket zipper. For though I managed to sew it in right side-up this time, I still have some raw edge fabric on the outside of the inner pocket.

I'm going to link to greenfietsen's Taschen-Sew-Along.


Lucy ~ Charm About You said...

What a great purse! Cute cork star!

Petra said...

It looks very good!
Great job!!