Sunday, November 13, 2016

Summer In The Park

The mom of my oldest best friend has a big birthday coming to her, and as she's already an admirer of my quilting works, I decided to make a quilt for her.
 I decided on the 'Summer in the Park' pattern as I had quite a few jelly rolls sitting around, the patterns itself is quick and easy, and it was on my bucket list. I added Kona Cotton White for the background and the inner border, and used a dark blue for the outer border.
 The quilt is fairly quick to make, from start to finish a bit more than five weeks. I wanted it big enough for a bed cover and so I made it 1,90m by 2,30m (75 x 90 inches)
 For the backside I used an Ikea fabric. I only managed to score 3.5m of it, which was a bit on the short side, but with some creative jigsaw puzzling and the scraps left from the front, I got just enough for a nice sized back.
Most of the quilting is a simple stiple all over in white (and a matching blue for the outer border). For the inner border I quilted a zigzag. According to the packaging the blue marked should disappear after a couple of days, but it's still visible after a week. Hopefully the wash will fix it.
I still need to make a label, but luckily I have a bit time left.


Gemini Jen NZ said...

Really beautiful - she will adore it I'm sure! I am trying to finish off a quilt for my mother in law, who turned 8 in Sept - she might get it in time for xmas! I decided to do pebbling in the negative spaces, silly me! Slow and boring to do, but will look good when finished and washed up. I hope your friend's mother has a lovely birthday.

Gemini Jen NZ said...

80, she turned 80... sigh, lazy Sunday afternoon...

Jenny said...

How nice. that will be a very special gift indeed. AS the recipient is the Mum of your oldest friend, she must have played a big part in your life over the years.