Sunday, November 06, 2016


(aka scrappy socks)
I do have a sock knitting phase (some might call it an obsession). Within the last four weeks I managed to knit four pairs of socks, only using scrappy yarn, which I have left from other projects.
The start were this pair with blue and green yarns. The transition is 4A - 1B - 3A - 2B - 2A - 3B - 1A - 4B - 1C ... and so on.
Sadly for me they turned out a smidgen too big, so they went to a friend of mine.

Next pair is knitted in spirals using three yarns at the same time. It's a bit fiddle to manage all the yarn, but the advantage is that there's not jog when moving from one color to the next.
I then dove into my green scraps and came up with this pair. Love, love, love how they turned out.
The last pair (so far) comes from 14 different yellow, red and purples (plus a wee bit of black). The transition here is 5A - 2 B - 2A - 5B ... I did the math there before hand and with 9 rows of each color I got exactly the length I wanted.
Sigh, the next pair is already in the works.And it will most likely not be the last.


Tammy Stack said...

Some day.... you do give me inspiration though.

Jenny said...

Some day from me too. I'd love to try knitting socks - but it just seems so hard, what with heels and toes! Any hints for a newbie to try?

Jeanice Shelley said...

These are do beautiful, love your color choices