Sunday, September 03, 2017

Baby Steps

After I bought the dress dummy, I thought to start small with a simple shirt without any frills.
It was challenge enough for the beginning.
Sewing clothing is quite different than sewing a quilt pattern. Just preparing the pattern is not so easy. What size to pick (a picked wrong, by the way - I should have gone down at least a size, if not two).
The fabric is different, more stretchy than quilter's cotton and the transfer from pattern to fabric was tricky (that fabric is quite slippery and just doesn't want to get marked)
Then 3D sewing has additional traps. The neckline refuses to lay flat (I can smooth it a little when on the doll, but wearing it, it does stand out)
All in all, I learned a lot, so I do have that. The shirt is too big, but I propably will leave it as it is, and will get farbic for a second try soon.

Knitting wise, I finished this shawl for a collegue of mine who is leaving the company in October. She always complains it's too cold in the office...
The pattern is called Ley Lines by Loji Locatelli. The yarn is Drachenwolle Merino 500, a new long transition yarn I've bougth this year at the Schwabsburger Wollfest.

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