Sunday, September 16, 2018

More Jeans

The Jeans saga continues.
From the left overs of the picknick blanket (I had more than a hundred rectangles, but needed only about 91) I cut 3 x 6 1/2 inches stripes and made a shopping tote.
As just plain jeans got a bit boring, I hand stitched a star filled with flowers on each side. The stitching thread is all from an old box of thread I inherited some years back.
I also used two of the jeans back pockets for inside pockets, but sewed them in in such a way, that I actually got four pockets out of it.
For the linning I used an old pillow sheet I had left from when I used the duvet cover for the backing of a quilt.

From the jeans saga, two more projects sprung forth *grin*
Potholders, yeah! (One can never have enough potholders, right)
The first pair are made from the cut off lower edges of the jeans (and are also bound using those edges)
The second pair are from smaller pieces which I cut into hexagons and sewed together (first time sewing Y-seams on the machine. It went surprisingly well (though not neccessary perfect))
Finally, a none jeans related teaser (though, do not fear, there is more jeans stuff in the works - you'd be surprised on how much fabric 11 pair of jeans yield). 
More on this next week.

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