Sunday, September 02, 2018

Rugs, Shawls and Pies

Over time, I accumulated quite a few pairs of old jeans, which were, for one reason or another, deemed not wearable anymore. Yesterday I cut up 11 pairs and started sewing. The biggest project, a large picknick blanket is not done yet, but I finished one project from the second cut (first cut was 6 1/2 inch wide stripes, and from the rest, if doable, I did cut 2.1/2 inch stripes. I also have a third cut, but more on that on another day)
I tooks those 2 1/2 inch stripes and simply wove them, then zigzaged them onto an old towel and got myself a new little rug (70 x 45cm) for my bedroom.
 I found a nice blue starry fabric for the binding (which I also zigzagged).
Last week, I also finished a crochet project. I got the yarn (a cotton/poly mix) at the Schwabsburger Wollfest last year, but never could quite decide what to make of it. I had started knitting something, but it didn't click. Then I switched over to crochet and voilá, a shawl was born. Bright and colorful and I love it (the pattern is called 'Dragon Belly', and it was super easy and quick to make)
And, just for fun, an apricot pie. Yummy!

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