Sunday, April 06, 2008

Seventeen Down, Seven To Go

I finished the seventeenth square for the Lizard Ridge afghan.

Sideway's view as I've stacked them on the table
Pretty colors :)
I still enjoy to knit those squares, and the fact that I'm only 7 squares away from the end does feel good. At the moment I've got only two complete skeins of Noro left and a couple of ends from other skeins.

I believe those are good for another two to three squares. So I'll need to buy two, maybe three more skeins and than that's it.
I'll got to San Francisco in two weeks and already checked out possible yarn stores, so I will buy what I need there. The current dollar to euro exchange rate is really looking good for us, and I guess there will be some more yarn to end up with me.

After the cardigan was done, I finally got around to work a bit more on the Castle Sampler, so a progress picture here:

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stitcherw said...

The colors look wonderful, your afghan is going to be so cheerful looking with all those colors in it. Castle is looking great as well, nice progress.