Friday, April 18, 2008


And a new edition of the SKK today ;)

I finished the snowdrop shawl in nine days including blocking the whole thing (on my guest bed - I was quite surprised how well it worked). I have to say it was great fun and even though I have no clear idea what I ever gonna do with those kind of shawls I know I'm going to make more. It's quite addictive.

And it turned out pretty pretty too (even though the photos didn't so much as I had to make them in the hotel room in Dresden)

(urgh, sorry about that carpet ...)
It ended up to be 2 m wide (6ft 8, if I'm not mistaken) and 1.2 m (4ft) from tip to neck line.

I did follow the pattern for most parts, but I did add little golden beads on the tip of each point (which are not really visible in the photo)

Hmmm, if I don't wear it, I still can use it as home decoration ...

One extra picture from my neighbors. After some intense study (looking it up in wikipedia) I'm convinced now that it's a pair of kestrels (Turmfalken in German)

(my parents thought it's an eagle-owl (Uhu), but look at that face. It's not even close)

I'll packed my bags and after a fairly short night I'll be off for a week of San Fransisco tomorrow morning - for work, but still, hey, it's SF!!!

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stitcherw said...

Your shawl turned out gorgeous, what a lot of beautiful detail. You'll have to find places to wear it, it is to pretty not to show off. Loved the pictures of your new neighbors too, they look very cute. It will be fun watching them fly in and out.